Sunday, September 4, 2016

September 4, 1967 -- Riverview Park Closes for Good

September 4, 1967 – It is a day that ends another season at Riverview Park, a final Labor Day fling at a park that has delighted visitors for 64 seasons, ever since auto dealer George Schmidt started the amusement park in order to attract visitors to his dealership on the east side of Western Avenue.  There is the Star Time Frolics Parade with its floats, elephants, marching bands, and dancers to ring down the curtain on another year at the gritty carnival that sits on the Chicago River just south of Belmont Avenue.  This weekend is a time for end-of-summer fun, but this will be it for Riverview.  Less than a month later, the property will be gone for good, sold to the La Salle Street Investment Group for an estimated 6.5 million dollars.


  1. I remember that year this happened and the reason why - rising crime in the park. I, as a child, was a victim there that year too. Very sad memory.

  2. That must be the Henry Grebe boatyard in the foreground. The boatyard was the center of a book I tried to write many years ago, long before I knew how to write.