Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Happy Birthday, Mies!

It's a day late, but here's a Happy Birthday to the genius of the modern ethic . . . a good cigar, a pretty car, and an eye for design that changed the world.

Mies van der Rohe (March 27, 1886 - August 17, 1969)

Rem Koolhaas - McCormick Tribune Campus Center
at the Illinois Institute of Technology (JWB, 2008)

Federal Center in Chicago (JWB, 2008)

Alexander Calder's "Flamingo" at Chicago's Federal Center (JWB, 2008)

Klucynski and Dirksen Federal Buildings at Chicago's Federal Center (JWB, 2008)

Exterior Detail of Dirksen Federal Building in Chicago (JWB, 2008)

Pilotis and Plaza of Klucynski Federal Building in Chicago (JWB, 2008)

Exterior detail -- Klucysnski Federal Building in Chicago (JWB, 2008)

Promontory Apartments (1949) (JWB, 2009)

Promontory Apartments (JWB, 2009)

330 North Wabash - 1971 (JWB, 2011)

Robert F. Carr Memorial Chapel of St. Savior - "The God Box" (JWB, 2011)

Interior of Robert F. Carr Memorial Chapter of St. Savior (JWB, 2011)

Masonry detail of The God Box at the Illinois institute of Technology (JWB, 2011)


Jason_Neises said...

Great photos, Jim! Mies has always been a favorite of mine. Be sure to check the photo labels, though: the one with the Tribune Tower on the left is not IBM/330 N. Wabash - it's the Equitable Bldg, 401 N. Michigan by SOM. Love your posts - keep up the great work!

Chicago Old and New said...

Jason . . . thanks for the comments. I'm embarrassed that I put 401 N. Michigan in there with 330 N. Wabash. I didn't pay very close attention there! Taken at the same time . . . I just assumed they were part of the same scene. I know the difference . . . I do them both on the River Cruise (120 times last year). It shows that you haven't lost your touch, though. Thanks for checking in on the blog occasionally. It's a fun city to write about. I'm sure things are great back home. It must feel great to raise your family in God's country.