Wednesday, September 7, 2016

September 7, 1934 -- Tribune Praises Its Innovative Cooling System

September 7, 1934 – At a time when the city and its occupants swelter in the summer heat with little they can do about it, The Chicago Daily Tribune prints a glowing article that touts its super-swell air conditioning system, installed during the cold weather months, a system that has already provided 1,358 “air cooled hours” for employees and tenants of Tribune Tower.  Holmes Onderdonk, the manager of the building, says, “The whole idea was to make working conditions better for employees and tenants . . . When the air cooling system was first contemplated there was an opinion that a building already erected couldn’t be air conditioned.  The working of this system shows it can be done.  The refrigeration machinery will be built into new buildings in the future, but it was an accomplishment to install the system here.”

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