Wednesday, November 2, 2016

November 2, 1867 -- Bridge Tenders Raise a Ruckus at State Street

November 2, 1867 – Mayhem breaks out at the State Street Bridge as two assistant bridge-tenders, John Gannon and Edward Williams, nearly kill one another in an early morning battle.  The Chicago Tribune describes in detail what happened on the river that night, “Gannon, it appears, was off duty during the early part of the night, and returned about midnight somewhat the worse for the liquor he had imbibed during his vacation.  When he made appearance at the bridge-house, Williams, his fellow-assistant, who had also imbibed somewhat freely, began to upbraid him in terms more forcible than elegant, for returning in a condition that would prevent him from attending to his duties . . . From words they soon resorted to blows, and a desperate struggle ensued in the little bridge-house about which a number of person now began to collect. . . . Williams, being evidently the soberest of the two, had the advantage from the beginning, and during the struggle succeeded in laying hold of a club, with which he felled his adversary to the floor.  However, he was down only for a moment, and the struggle was continued with redoubled fury.  Williams now sprang for an axe, standing in a corner of the little hut, and with this he dealt a crushing blow on his adversary’s skull.  This more than suffered to bring Gannon down.  However, not satisfied with the punishment inflicted, Williams was about to repeat the blow, and already was the axe descending, when Mr. Lewis [the head bridge-tender] and a young man sprang into the hut, and, after a desperate struggle, wrung the weapon out of the hands of the would-be murderer . . . The little shanty, after the struggle, presented a fearful scene.  The walls, the floor, the bed, and everything about the place was thickly covered with blood, while the prostrate body of Gannon was covered with gore from his head to his feet . . . Altogether, the two constitute an exemplary pair of bridge-tenders, who ought to receive promotion.  Their case will receive proper attention at the Police Court this morning.”  The State Street Bridge, the scene of the messy fracas, is seen in the above photo.

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