Sunday, April 10, 2011

A Walk in the Fog

Fog on the Inner Drive (JWB, 2011)

Up here 31 floors above Diversey Harbor we haven’t seen the ground for three days.  Damp air, the cold lake, and warming breezes from the west have wrapped us in a fog that just won’t let go.

Yesterday I went for a walkabout, heading west on Diversey to Seminary, then north to Belmont, east to Broadway, north on Broadway to Hawthorne, then back to the Inner Drive and home.  Saw some great places on the way . . . the Brewster on Diversey, Dwight Perkins’s Agassiz Elementary School, the Nettelhorst School on Broadway, and the stately manses on Hawthorne.

As I walked west the fog lifted, and the sun began to shine.  Less than a mile from the lake, it was a completely different day.  Back on Hawthorne, two blocks from the lake, after a couple of hours of walking and taking pictures along the way, it was exactly the same day that I had left.

Which is a good lesson, I suppose.  When you’re tired of the way things are going, get out and walk around for a bit.  It’s nuts to let things drive you crazy when sanity is a short walk away.

The photo above is one of the last pictures I took on yesterday’s walk as I neared home on the lakefront trail between the Diversey driving range and the tunnel under Lake Shore Drive. 

Like a windless snowstorm, the fog softens the world, dampens the noise, and changes the physical reality of our lives.  And because it is temporary, it makes us appreciate the return of the sun that much more.

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Kimberly said...

Cool photo, but I like it best when the sun is out! This past weekend was so gorgeous and I am ready for the weather to stay warm!