Monday, June 24, 2013

Supermoon Chicago

If you woke up from a sound sleep during the past couple nights, wanting to turn to the southeast and start howling, there was a reason for it . . . shining over Chicago was the “supermoon,” a rare event that occurs when the moon comes closest to the earth.  A great website gives far more detailed information if you’re interested.  You can find the moon scoops here.  The whole thing is actually pretty cool.

This June full moon fell only 22 minutes after the moon reached its closest point to earth, which is a short 221,824 miles away (356,991 kilometers).  By July 7 the moon will be 30,000 miles farther away, the farthest it will be from the earth in this lunar calendar. 

We on our little blue marble haven’t seen a full moon come this close to the earth since January 14, 1930.

Anyway, we were lucky in Chicago.  Last night, June 23, was a cloudless evening with the city looking as majestic as always and a big, bright moon over Lake Michigan.

I took my tripod and Nikon for a walk and captured a few pictures of the event.  Following this post you can see what I got.

I’m glad I got off the couch and took the walk.  There won’t be a full moon this close to the earth for the rest of this century and all of the next.  I guess that means I’m out of the game for the next time.

Supermoon over Diversey Harbor, June 23, 2013 (JWB Photo)

Supermoon over Diversey Harbor and Lake Michigan -- June 23, 2013 (JWB Photo)

Supermoon, looking over Lake Michigan -- June 23, 2013 (JWB Photo)

Supermoon, Diversey Harbor with Chicago in the background -- June 23, 2013 (JWB Photo)


Jill said...

Outstanding photos!

Alice Moore said...

You achieved something really special here.

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