Saturday, September 14, 2013

Goethe Statue Hit by Lightning -- September 14, 1951

The 1914 statue of Goethe at the north end of Lincoln Park (JWB Photo)

On this date in 1951 the Goethe monument just south of Diversey Boulevard was found cracked and twisted, the victim of an apparent lightning strike.  The Chicago Tribune in its report observed that “several cracks were found in the bronze statue and stone base and the entire structure appeared to have been twisted.”

Hundreds of residents had been awakened during the night by a “mysterious blast,” which may have been the bolt that struck the 1914 statue (look here for the story of the monument).  George T. Donoghue, the general superintendent of parks, ordered that the statue be barricaded and that the police department conduct an investigation to ascertain the cause of the damage.

The damage to the statue as shown in
The Tribune on September 15, 1951

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