Sunday, May 8, 2016

May 8, 1929 -- Suit Filed Against a Sand Sucker

May 8: 1929 – After knocking the 600-ton Clark Street bridge from its foundation on April 30 the Sandmaster, a dredging vessel, is singled out by Assistant Corporation Counsels Charles McDonnell and Thomas W. Barrett, who prepare a suit against the owners of the ship. Records indicate that since May 21 of 1926 the wayward Sandmaster has struck 13 city bridges on 44 separate occasions. In these three years the ship rams the Fullerton Avenue bridge 18 times and the Diversey Boulevard bridge 13 times. 

Here are the incidents a search of the records reveal, damages that total an estimated quarter of a million dollars:

May 21:  Fullerton Avenue (damage to bridge ladder)
May 27:  Fullerton Avenue (damage to beams under walk)
June 20:  Diversey Boulevard (sidewalk)
August 10:  Diversey Boulevard (beams under walk)
August 10:  Fullerton Avenue (ladder to pier lights)
November 30:  Lake Street (sidewalk)
December 22:  State Street (sidewalk)
December 27:  Diversey Boulevard (channel lights)
December 27:  Kinzie Street (protection rails)

January 3:  Diversey Boulevard (sidewalk)
January 9:  Western Avenue (protection rails)
January 20:  Cortland Street (bridge house – bridge tender hurt)
January 23:  Fullerton Avenue (iron beam)
February 2:  Diversey Boulevard (protection rails)
February 3:  Western Avenue (cable)
March 9:  Fullerton Avenue (iron walk support)
March 18:  Halsted Street (bridge house door)
May 18:  Diversey Boulevard (sidewalk)
June 2:  Diversey Boulevard (pier light, ladder)

January 15:  Fullerton Avenue (sidewalk)
February 4:  Diversey Boulevard (pier platform)
March 18:  Erie Street (bridge house)
April 18:  Fullerton Avenue (bracket stringer)
April 22:  Fullerton Avenue (sidewalk bracket)
June 12:  Fullerton avenue (sidewalk)
June 15:  Division Street (porch, pier lights)
July 13:  Fullerton Avenue (sidewalk)
July 16:  Diversey Boulevard (platform, pier lights)
September 27:  Diversey Boulevard (protection rails, platform)
September 28:  Diversey Boulevard (protection rails, platform)
October 16:  Fullerton Avenue (sidewalk)
October 18:  Fullerton Avenue (sidewalk)
October 27:  Fullerton Avenue (bracket, stringer)
November 5:  Fullerton Avenue (rail posts)
December 2:  Fullerton Avenue (sidewalks)
December 4:  Michigan Avenue (cables)
December 5:  La Salle Street (cables)
December 8:  Fullerton Avenue (sidewalk brackets)
December 10:  Diversey Boulevard (sidewalk)

December 31:  Fullerton Avenue (two iron brackets)

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