Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Goethe Cheers Marathon Runners

                                                                                                     JWB Photo

                 The deed is everything; the glory is naught.
                --Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

As the lead runners of the Chicago marathon turn north onto Sheridan Road, nearing the seven-mile mark, Ludwig von Goethe looks on.  The eventual winner, Eliud Kipchoge, is the back runner in the lead pack with the yellow shirt and the fluorescent pink running shoes.  He came home in two hours, four minutes and 11 seconds, averaging well under 4:50 a mile.  Sunday, October 12 was a beautiful October morning in Chicago, with perfect weather for a runner if you discount the stiff wind out of the south.

For more about the Goethe statue, you can look here, here, and here. 

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Hannah said...

Great race. I am looking for best nursing shoes for men and I think I should choose a pink shoes like "The eventual winner, Eliud Kipchoge" to race at work :D