Monday, August 1, 2016

August 1, 2001: Kamin Interviews Trump

August 1, 2001:  Chicago Tribune architecture critic Blair Kamin reports on a “freewheeling interview” he has had with Donald Trump, a “brash New Yorker who would bring the world’s tallest building [to Chicago].”  Kamin concludes, “This is a man, who it became clear as we talked, gives the bottom line the top priority.”  One of the topics Kamin discusses with the developer concerns the possibility that Trump might build the tallest building in the world on the site of the former Sun-Times building.  Trump’s reacts by saying, “Would I like to do that?  The answer is yes.  Does it have marketing value?  I think the answer is yes.  But the fact is, it’s very costly.  Does the additional cost justify it?  That’s a determination I’ll have to make.”  Kamin bookends his reporting with observations from architect Stanley Tigerman who “almost hissing” said of Trump, “He’s Mr. Glitz.  He’s shown an utter incapacity for doing great buildings.  He has no taste . . . He’s a Gucci carpetbagger . . . You’ve got to have a great client to do a really good building.  You’re lucky if Trump doesn’t get financing.”

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